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Thank you to Miss Teenage Canada, I just got to discover one of the best Canadian fashion blogs ever, Street Chic! Not only did I get to discover this awesome site that showcases fashion all across Canada, but I even got to write a post on behalf of all the fantastic trends on Brant Street in Burlington, ON. You can read my post if you click this here, I am super excited about it!

In my post on Street Chic, I highlight the power of fashion, and how an outfit can completely transform an individual for a period of time. I’ve always loved this about fashion since I was old enough to have my first vision of my future life. When I was three years old, I wanted nothing more than to be a famous singer, and I felt like I was already one whenever I put on a wig and high heels (or in this case plastic donuts–my first pair of heels ever!) 

In my outfit as a famous singer in 2004

For the Street Chic article, I decided to showcase Brant Street, as I know it for the fashion variety, friendly business owners and gorgeous location.  On a hot Wednesday afternoon, my sister, a friend and I visited Mirella’s Ladies Boutique, Forever Summer and Glamjulz. At each store all three of us were transformed, from elegant princesses, beach babes, to bling divas. The girls and I were extremely excited to try new looks and live vicariously while wearing them. Here is a sneak peek at some of the looks, however to see all of them you can read the full article here!

Here is the back of an exquisite dress I modeled at Mirella’s Ladies Boutique

Hester, my beautiful sister was a perfect model in this fashion adventure!

Meet Natasha, a gorgeous 18 year old girl from Burlington

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